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What is a SocketApp?

A socketapp is an application container for real-time web application relying on the new web sockets protocol. It basically have two parts:

  • the main module, located in the main Cheyenne process, allowing to access all client ports connected to the socketapp. This module is a REBOL script implemented using the socketapp framework.
  • an optional backend RSP script, that will provide non-blocking processing to the main module for heavier tasks (like accessing a database).

A socketapp needs a special definition entry in the configuration file (in Hosts sections):

 socket-app "/ws.rsp" ws-test-app

A largely commented example of a minimal socketapp is available in Cheyenne's sources archive. Look in %www/ws-apps/ws-test-app.r.

There's also an online example implementing a classical real-time chat demo. Chat's full sources are available both from Chat app and in Cheyenne's sources archive.

More documentation to be added...

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