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Installation notes

Cheyenne doesn't need to be installed, just download the right executable for your operating system, put it either on your desktop or in a folder and just start using it by editing the httpd.cfg configuration file (Cheyenne will generate a default one when launched for the first time).

Github repository

The public git repository is hosted by Github. The cloning command is :

	git clone

Sources tarballs of latest commit are also available if you don't want to install a git client:
Automatic binary builds of last commit (untested, use at your own risks!):

Last stable: v0.9.20 - 2-Mar-2011


Binaries (built with REBOL v2.7.8)

Operating System Build Type (*) Download
Pro (329KB)
Command (509KB)
Pro cheyenne-r0920-pro.gz (360KB)
Command cheyenne-r0920-cmd.gz (642KB)
Mac OS X

Pro cheyenne-r0920-pro-osx.gz (361KB)
Command cheyenne-r0920-cmd-osx.gz (621KB)
(*) Command builds mainly add following features:
  • Database C drivers: MySQL 3, Oracle 8 (Windows, Linux), ODBC (Windows)
  • Client-side SSL support (not server-side SSL)

Older versions


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