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Command Line Options

The command line usage is:

    cheyenne <options>

Supported options are:

    -e               Run Cheyenne in embedded mode to integrate it in
                     another REBOL application.

    -h, --help       Display this help message.   

    -p port-id	     Listen for HTTP requests on the given port number. 
                     Several port numbers can be specified separated by
                     a comma.

    -u               Manually uninstall Cheyenne NT Service (Windows).

    -w max           Set the maximum number of worker processes. If
    -w start,max     set to 0, all workers will be closed after each
                     CGI/RSP requests (for debugging purpose).

    -v[vv...]        Enable the verbose mode. Use 1 to 6 'v to set the
                     verbose level.

    -V, --version    Display Cheyenne version number.

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