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Cheyenne Features Overview

With Cheyenne, you can:

  • serve static files: HTML, CSS, JS, images, ...
  • serve dynamic content using: SSI includes, CGI scripts, RSP scripts, FastCGI third-party applications (e.g. PHP)

The httpd.cfg configuration file can be easily changed, its nested structure and natural-oriented dialect will make you more productive by letting you focus on your applications instead of spending your valuable time on crytic configuration options.

Complete, yet simple to configure, virtual hosts support make it ready to serve dozens or even hundred of web sites from the same instance.

For dynamic content delivering, RSP scripting is the most powerful way to achieve it in Cheyenne, you get a rich API of objects and functions that will greatly help you write your scripts.

With RSP, you can also upgrade your scripts to a full web application (webapp), that offers some more sophisticated features than standalone RSP scripts:

  • secure environment, with access rights for folders: public / protected / private.
  • automatic management of authentication, including redirection to your login page when accessing a protected resource.
  • simple localization framework will allow easy internalization of your webapps

All RSP scripts also benefit from:

  • automatic output compression to boost your RSP pages using standard HTTP deflate compression algorithm.
  • database open / close / re-open automatic management, no need to worry about your database connections anymore, RSP engine will do it for you, providing also scalability through a connection pool.

The new Web Socket framework will open you the doors of real-time web applications and hassle-free server-side events. Play with the online Chat demo using web sockets to get a feeling of real-time web.

Using FastCGI Cheyenne capabilities, you can easily deploy a PHP interpreter and serve PHP applications like phpMyAdmin, phpBB forum or MediaWiki to extend your RSP scripts/webapps with a huge collection of existing PHP applications. (See PHP support blog article)

If you want to integrate Cheyenne within your existing REBOL application, it can be easily achieved thanks to the embed module, providing a simple publish API, making it easy for your application to produce content dynamically for Cheyenne. Cheyenne will smoothly do his job using your application's event loop, so View-based apps can work without interference from the embedded web server.

Cheyenne features also some rare maintenance tools, like the local live console, allowing the most expert Cheyenne users to connect to a working instance and inspect/modify live code! We used that feature several times to apply hot-patches live on Cheyenne without interrupting it!

Last but not least, Cheyenne works equally well on all major OSes: Windows, Linux and OS X.

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