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Meet with other Cheyenne users, ask for help on AltME's REBOL3 world, you will get answer usually in minutes. In order to join the community, please follow these steps:
  1. Download a suitable version of AltME client (less than 1MB)
  2. Starts the client and use the follwing settings:
    • World: REBOL-gate
    • Username: guest
    • Password: guest
  3. Post a message in the "REBOL3 Join Requests" group with your full name, preferred username, and a working email address (to send you a password).
  4. Sit back and wait for a confirming email. To prevent spam, join requests are checked by real humans, so please be patient.
  5. Once you receive your password, log back in "REBOL3" world and click on the "!Cheyenne" group.

For french users, you can post questions in french on RebelBB's forum (you need to sign in first).

For other matters regarding Cheyenne or this web site, you can email me directly.

Reporting bugs

You can post bugs or issues report on our bugtracking tool: CureCode. You need to sign-in first or import your existing account if you already have one on another project hosted by When you post a new ticket, be sure to select "Cheyenne" in the projects list.

Logo images

These images are free to use in your web sites or applications to point back to Cheyenne's web site.

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