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Websocket support upgraded to hybi-10

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
28-Nov-2011 17:01:02 GMT

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The websocket communication protocol is quite a moving target, it changes several times a year, sometimes breaking compatibility with previous revisions. Cheyenne is now up-to-date and supports the last RFC revision (named "hybi-10"), starting from Cheyenne revision 155.

All protocol features have been implemented but some are not tested yet, as they require a custom-made client (the Javascript websocket API does not support those features yet AFAICT):

  • Ping/pong frames
  • Fragmented frames

The server-side user API has been left untouched, a ping command might be added later though. The  websocket chat demo has been upgraded too and now supports Chrome 14+, FF8+ and IE10.



7-Dec-2011 15:52:34

Could you please build automatically Windows version of Cheyenne?

Thanks & Regards,
3-Jan-2012 10:38:44
Hi Cooter,

I will look into that on as soon as possible. I will try to set up a Wine instance on the server to generate builds for Windows.


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