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Mantis bugged me !

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
14-Feb-2007 17:41:43 GMT

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Recently, I've lost all my Cheyenne bug reports database! We're Mantis fans at Softinnov, and never had issues with it. But, a few days ago, all the reports from the Cheyenne project are gone...and we have no clue how.

I thought allowing public access to this bug database, but now, that I've lost my confidence in Mantis, I need another solution. I've planned once to implement a simple Mantis clone in RSP, but porting RAMBO to RSP could be done with less effort. Anyway, I've always found Mantis UI much more appealing than RAMBO, so I need to think about it twice before starting, unless someone is already working on such project...


Dave Cope
15-Feb-2007 11:01:34
I've never used Mantis. I didn't know RAMBO was available as a user script (I'm sure I've looked for it!). It would make a nice in-house tool here too.
15-Feb-2007 21:48:53
AFAIU, you just have to kindly ask RT for it. ;-)

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