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0.9.20 RC3 binaries

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
19-Nov-2010 12:47:37 GMT

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Here are the Release Candidate 3 binaries (built with REBOL kernel 2.7.6) :


  • FEAT: added an example script for using RSP non-buffered mode (flush.rsp).
  • FEAT: default REBOL CGI scripts are now run as normal CGI.
  • FEAT: new config keyword: fast-rebol-cgi. Forces running REBOL CGI scripts in FastCGI mode.

  • FIX: (OS X) missing setenv() mapping.
  • FIX: (UNIX) setenv() mapping was missing last argument.
  • FIX: missing ending packet in chunked encoded RSP responses.
  • FIX: (Windows) CGI handler rewritten to fix environment variables passing.
  • FIX: CGI 'set-env mapping code refactored, setup errors are now properly logged.
  • FIX: CGI scripts errors are now logged in %trace.log file.
  • FIX: HTTP Host header was causing an error when it was present with an empty value.
  • FIX: a minor error in client closing handler was occurring in a rare case.
  • FIX: better catch of malformed resources filenames in mod-static.
  • FIX: (Windows) JobObject registration was failing when encapped.
  • FIX: (Windows) Improved error logging for external server launching (like PHP in FastCGI).
  • FIX: (Windows) Better boot message to warn against Windows Services mode "access denied" error.


12-Feb-2011 9:16:38
I want to run Cheyenne on linux x64, how to do?
13-Feb-2011 16:22:59
I haven't tried yet on a 64-bit Linux, but I remember a user who made it work. It shouldn't be different than running any other 32-bit application on a 64-bit linux. The best way is to try with a REBOL kernel, once it works, Cheyenne's 32-bit linux binary will work too. You should also ask on REBOL forums (AltME is the best place).

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