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Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
5-Jun-2008 20:41:22 GMT

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The migration is now almost completed. Cheyenne's blog is here, the bugtracker will be integrated soon too, a wiki (Mediawiki) will be added also to let the community help me write a good online documentation.

Finally, Cheyenne has its own web site! \o/

About next Cheyenne release (0.9.19), it's delayed for a few more days to give me some time to make the PHP FastCGI link more robust and able to resist to various automated online attacks without freezing as in current version.



18-Jun-2008 15:54:39
Très bon travail, bonne continuation et bon courage.
24-Jun-2008 18:04:51
Looks good!
6-Feb-2009 5:11:01
Bonour, Je désire tester la version 0.9.19 mais sur mon serveur les librairies X11 ne sont pas installées. Avez-vous une une adresse pour la version "empro". Merci par avance et encore bravo pour le travail. désolé pour la doublette.

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