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Cheyenne v0.9.15 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
21-Jun-2007 8:58:18 GMT

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  • Download here the source package.

  • RConsole was not started by default in the previous release. Fixed

  • RSP: 'include function protection from infinite cycles changed. It's now based on a counter (5 maximum recursive includes). It's a little less cleaner than stack-based tracking but much more reliable (avoids matching paths and targets)

  • HTML.r library rewritten from scratch. Now, faster and more conforming to standards (Full range of Latin1 entities supported). Fixes URL-encode bugs.

  • BugFix for command line parsing in encapped Cheyenne on Linux.

  • Fixed an issue with 'decode-multipart in RSP.r. File upload should work ok again.

  • Added a new global function : 'rsp-log value. Outputs values in console for debugging RSP scripts. Works as 'probe.

  • Reloading config file now supported. Running sessions and client connections survive to the reloading process (needs some additional testing). Activating config file reload is done using:

    • (Windows) "Reload Config" menu option in systray icon.
    • (UNIX) kill -s HUP pid

  • UNIX signals SIGINT,SIGQUIT,SIGTERM now catched to allow cleaner exit and last minute actions. Triggers the new 'on-quit event for HTTPd modules.

  • HTTPd internal events (not phases) refactored to be more cleaner. New module's events added:

    • 'on-started: when Cheyenne starts.
    • 'on-reload: before a config file reload happens.
    • 'on-reloaded: after a config file reload happens.
    • 'on-quit: when Cheyenne is about to stop and quit.

  • RSP sessions can now be made persistent (can survive to a server complete restart). This option is controlled by a new config keyword: 'persist. Usage is :

    persist [sessions] ; other flags can be added at will

  • BugFix in session cookie handling for web-apps using 'auth mode. Now the cookie is sent on the 302 redirection to the login page avoiding the creation of a "shadow session" that will never be used.

  • FastCGI is under heavy work so mod-fastcgi is commented in config file to avoid fastcgi startup. If you want to play with PHP, just uncomment the line.

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