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Cheyenne v0.9.14 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
11-Jun-2007 9:15:08 GMT

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  • Download here the source package.

  • response/forward improved :
    • fully supports URLs as argument (can now forward to another virtual host)
    • URL validity check (must have an explicit target)
    • protection against cycle

  • Command line option -p extended, now you can specify several listen ports separated by a comma (ex: -p 80,10443).

  • New command line option -e : load and initialize Cheyenne without entering the event loop (needed for embedding Cheyenne in third party apps).

  • Added a new experimental module: mod-embed. Purpose is to allow easy Cheyenne integration in third-party REBOL applications that require an embedded web server. (Uncomment mod-embed in httpd.cfg file to activate it)

  • Added %embed-demo.r file to show a sample of the mod-embed usage and API.

  • RSP: <% without %> eats all the memory. Fixed.

  • URL-encoded request values were not parsed correctly. Fixed.

  • RSP: fixed a typo in 'decode-params blocking the multipart data decoding and also a word ('type) leaking in GC.

  • UniServe's service startup refactored to be more flexible.

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