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Cheyenne v0.9.13 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
6-Jun-2007 21:54:09 GMT

Article #7
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  • Download here the source package.

  • Session cookie management refactored. Cookies are now cached in memory. Fixes all issues related to timezone.

  • HTTPd request pipeline refactored. It's now more reliable, little faster and able to handle extreme situations (stressing with FasterFox). Several core parts of Cheyenne have been touched, so watch out for regressions.

  • Added 'forward method to RSP's Response object (now possible thanks to the new pipeline engine).

  • Internal modules API changed : 'deferred? property removed (not needed anymore with new pipeline).

  • Added 'on-status-code option in config file (see example in %httpd.cfg).

  • do-sql now catches internal errors, so they can be more easily located in calling context.

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