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Cheyenne 0.9.20 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
3-Mar-2011 14:28:12 GMT

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It took almost two years to reach this milestone, the number of changes and improvements is huge, making Cheyenne significantly closer to v1.

Source code and binaries for v0.9.20 are available in the download section.

The most noticeable changes:
  • Web sockets support (see %www/chat.html demo app)
  • Response/redirect extended to provide more accurate 30x codes mapping
  • New, better RSP debug menu with trace.log file window
  • Switch RSP debug mode from within any RSP script
  • Improved file uploading support (with new RSP support function)
  • Anti-web-scanners configurable engine
  • Optimized big file serving from RSP script
  • Better support for encapping process (using the SDK)
  • Experimental CRON-like scheduler included
  • Experimental MTA service included (see %www/email.rsp)
  • Added command-line help (-h) and version (-V) commands
  • REBOL CGI scripts now run as true CGI, getting rid of previous compatibility issues
  • REBOL v2.7.8 compatible codebase
  • Run Cheyenne on UNIX with /Core only! (thanks Carl)
  • RSP API documentation updated
  • Lot of bug fixes & code cleanups...
Please read carefully the Changelog file to see all the improvement. Also, if you're upgrading from a 0.9.19 (or older) Cheyenne version, be sure to well test your web applications and scripts for compatibility, some of the changes in 0.9.20 in the webapp isolation code, might break some old scripts.

A big thank to all the people that sent me bug reports, bug fixes, contributions and kindly supported me during all these years, you are great!

Also, a few more things to notice: 
  • The web site has been dusted off for this milestone, adding some new content.
  • Cheyenne's documentation will be extended in the next days.
  • Next milestone: get an admin web panel and prepare for v1!

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