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Cheyenne at ReBorCon 2011

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
27-Feb-2011 12:53:33 GMT

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I've been yesterday at the ReBorCon 2011 conference in Baarn, Netherlands presenting Cheyenne.

I have also made a live coding demo of the basic concepts of RSP scriting and how to use an RSP web-app container. Demo files will be uploaded in a few hours.

Update 28/02
  • If you're experiencing issues walking through the slides in Flash format, here's a PDF version.
  • The files used for the live coding demo are now available. Just add a Cheyenne binary near the httpd.cfg configuration file and open http://localhost/demo/ in a browser. Use kaj/boron to pass the login screen. The demo is very simple, but demonstrates several key concepts. It could be a good basis for a futur tutorial on how to build a RSP web application.

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