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Cheyenne 0.9.19 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
1-Mar-2009 21:37:56 GMT

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Finally the new version is out! It took a lot of time to finish and polish this one before public release. A lot of issue and bugs have been fixed in this release.

Download here the source package.

ChangeLog (main points only, see all details in %changelog.txt in the source archive)

  • General
    • Now compatible with REBOL 2.7.6
    • Port numbers can now be specified for virtual host definition in config file.
    • PHP support greatly improved, it's now stable
    • New 'alias config keyword : alias "/path/target" %script
    • New 'disable-log config keyword to disable HTTP log per domain or webapp
    • READ-CGI standard mezzanine now fully supported in CGI
    • It's now possible to reset all worker processes without restarting the server
    • New -w command line option to set the worker processes number
  • RSP
    • Sandboxing now forced on webapps.
    • DO redefined to bind to webapp's context
    • Production mode now by default (no error logging on screen)
    • Webapps can now be called without the trailing slash in URL
    • RSP output is now compressed using deflate algorithm if client supports it
    • Debugging improved : several new functions now allow logging into a trace file
    • New 'error-page keyword to define a custom error page in webapps
    • New 'worker-libs config keyword for defining default library to load for RSP/CGI
    • RSP API documentation updated

A big thank to Will and Oldes for providing patches included in this release.

The Roadmap has also been updated. Still a lot of work until v1.0, having a web-based admin panel and enough documentation are the main missing points. I hope to reach this milestone before the end of the year.

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