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Cheyenne v0.9.18 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
19-Feb-2008 18:02:28 GMT

Article #16
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Download here the source package.

  • FastCGI: enhanced implementation to support POSTed data larger than 64K.
  • 'do-events now wrapped in a loop. (improves uptime)
  • Fix for lower/uppercase log files issues.
  • Fix PHP-fastcgi idle connection timeout issue.
  • Client connection will now be closed after sending a 405 response. (avoids processing useless data)
  • Log files access errors are now trapped. (improves uptime)
  • Fix for premature event loop exiting (was introduced in previous release).
  • RSP: bug fixed in accessing ressources in /public sub-folders.
  • RSP: fix for databases connection URL loading from config file, now attempting to load from disk first, then if failed, from memory cache.
  • Fix for bad URLs like /path/file.ext/ crashing Cheyenne. (by fixing the buggy 'info? mezz)
  • UniServe: Added -q to slave processes command-line.
  • Enhanced 'on-status-code support, can now be declared at domain or webapp level.
  • Fix for a security issue on Windows: /..%5C.. URL forms are now catched preventing an attacker from getting files out of the www root directory.

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