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Short update on Cheyenne rc1 status

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
31-Jul-2007 13:28:53 GMT

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As you might have noticed, the development and releases cycle rate has reduce since a couple of weeks because I'm now only part time on Cheyenne. I've been called to work on some big projects for new customers, so I'll be able to work on REBOL projects only 1 or 2 days per week. That was the "bad" news. The good news is that Cheyenne is very close to 1.0 release candidate 1!

I've been working these last weeks, part time, on the Cheyenne administration web-based console, it took me a lot of time to come up with the UI design that best suit my needs, and it still needs a lot of work to be finished. I'm not sure that this administration application will make it for 1.0. Here are some screenshots of the work-in-progress (click to enlarge):


If all goes well, the 1.0 rc1 should be released next Sunday. Then the true beta stage will start until the 1.0 gets stable enough for production (I guess a month would be enough to fix all major bugs). In the meantime, I'll produce the longly awaited documentation.

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