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Cheyenne v0.9.16 released

Nenad Rakocevic - Softinnov
13-Jul-2007 9:03:11 GMT

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  • Download here the source package.

  • Localization framework added to RSP. API overview :

    • #[text] in static parts of RSP pages will be translated.
    • new function: say "data" : translate a string! value in the current language
    • session's new 'lang variable can set the current language.
    • new config file options to control default language and locales resources folder.

  • Decode-cgi rewrote from scratch. Cleaner and 2-3 times faster than before.

  • RSP request params decoding rewrote. Now GET and POST parameters are unified in request/content.

  • BugFix for encapping %misc/mime-types file.

  • File upload support redesigned. Now big files (user defined threshold) are directly written to disk in temporary files, instead of being held in memory. The temporary files are deleted once the request is completed. So now Cheyenne supports files upload up to 2Gb (R2 port! limitation).

  • CGI execution extended to any scripts (not just REBOL). If found, the shebang line (#!) is honored (on all platforms). Several perl scripts added in %www/ folder as demo.

  • Module's 'on-started event now fired only once, when multiple HTTPd instances are listening on more than one port.

  • New module : mod-extapp for launching and managing external applications. Only the start and shutdown actions are currently supported. Load balancing will be included in future.

  • FastCGI protocol reliability improved and some bugs fixed.

  • RSP-API documentation updated.

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